Letter from principal

Language is your passport

Letter from principal

Due to the development of transportation and communication technology, we do not have any trouble to go to foreign country. After few years later, it may be normal thing to go to New York for business trip in a day. Thanks to the innovation of technology, traveling foreign country became ordinary thing. However, unlike travel, it is very important to have a certain level of language ability for your business and study. I am sure that is why you are planning to come to Japan spending a lot of cost and time.

From now, you are going to get into the middle of different culture and language environment and to enter this country, you have to show your passport to the immigrant office to receive the permission of entry. This whole process is the permission of your goal; studying Japanese. Once you enter this country, Japanese would become your second passport. Students planning to enter university or business are required to submit the passport; Japanese ability. And if you cannot submit the required level, it is impossible to make the bright future that you are dreamed about.

The shorter the distance of nation becomes, business activity gets active which means that you have more chance to catch. These environment factors offer you a lot of chance after studying Japanese. The goal of our school - make the bright future- is made because we wish you to challenge yourself to these chances.

We hope you would obtain the passport that you wish (language). Also, we hope that we can meet you soon at Toshin Language School.

Toshin Language School